PUBG ESP Hack Apk Download for Android [Latest Version]

Today we are here with an amazing application for our PUBG mobile players. That is PUBG ESP Hack, which comes with some amazing features.

This PUBG Hacking App enables players to employ multiple hacks at the same time and to add to the anti-ban feature inherent in it, so you don’t need to fear the ban anymore from the platform.

Of all the cheats so far we have provided this one stands out as one of the finest, that is multi-featured and easy to use as well that can run on any Android phone. With this app on your phone, you don’t need to look for others of the kind.


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PUBG ESP Hack Apk, as the name suggests, is an application designed especially for PUBGM players who cannot play like a pro or want to surprise friends with some under the sleeve tricks.

It enables you to totally dominate your opponents with multiple simultaneously activating cheats, which you can choose from the list, according to the demand of the situation and your choice.

Now, with ESP hack PUBGM, you are the king in the arena. It will make you the unchallenged most powerful player in the game.

One of the inherent problems with such applications is that they pose a risk to your identity, once caught you might be banished from the platform for life. That is why players always look for something that carries a low risk.

ESP hack comes with an anti-ban feature. Designed in a sophisticated way, it skillfully evades the filters employed by the platform to catch the hackers.

Additionally, the requirement for rooting the phone, which is mostly required in case of most of the cheats, is not necessary here and can be directly used on the mobiles as per the claim of the developers.

The additional details and system requirements are mentioned in the table below.

👉👉PUBG MOBILE 1.9 ESP MOD BGMI, GLOBAL, KR - Technicalumair.com

Hack list in PUBG ESP Hack Apk

The list of hacks available on the ESP APK is quite long so we have dived them according to the categories of players, vehicles, and items, detailing the names and IDs where these cheats could be utilized.

Player Hacks

  • Distance
  • Health
  • Enemy Count
  • Skeleton
  • Player Box
  • Tracer: Default
  • Box ADJ
  • Player Name

Vehicle Hacks

  • Bikes
  • Mirado
  • Buggy
  • BRDM
  • TukTuk
  • UAZ
  • Dasia
  • Tri-bike


  • AWM
  • KAR-98
  • M-24
  • AirDrop
  • Pan
  • M416
  • AKM
  • 5.56 and 7.62 ammo
  • Enemy Box
  • Flare
  • Scopes
  • SCAR-L


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